In the time of COVID-19 crisis, increasing your investment performance is bit tricky. If you are planning to save your money, you need to invest wisely. When it comes to increasing investment performance, it seems difficult. But, Bradley Ferry can help you to find out some cool ways to increase your investment.

These 5 ways of Bradley Ferry investment plans can help you to avoid mistakes and makes you more knowledgeable about most important factors which can drastically improves your performance.

  1. Consistency is important – Be Consistent and Patient. After investing, you will never know how stock market will perform. Sometimes, it performs well, sometimes not. We can see this in current crisis of COVID-19. Bradley Ferry suggests you to invest regularly in your investment account. It’s important to pay a fixed amount every month to make your portfolio better.
  1. Don’t take big risk – Investing is risky. Risk is important to make your portfolio good but most important is not taking big risks. You can loss a big amount if you are not balancing risks and returns. We suggest you to avoid investing large amounts and opt for a right amount you are comfortable with.
  1. Don’t overreact – Sometimes, market conditions doesn’t goes well. In this case you must write your investment plans. A smart investor always have IPS (Invest Policy Statement) which includes investment goal, risk tolerance, timeline for your goal, how you would like to invest, etc. IPS helps you to make right decision in the tough time of market.
  1. Save your money – Yes, you must save your money and go for lower cost ways. Try to avoid unnecessary investment expenses. Account fees, commissions, expenses on your mutual funds, fees of financial advisor are some expenses which you can cut down wisely.
  1. Pay attention towards tax – Like investment expenses, income taxes also have an impact on the performance of your portfolio. It’s not possible every time and completely to save taxes, but try to minimize wherever possible to increase your performance.
  1. Select your portfolio wisely – Don’t stick with a classic investment option. Before investing always review prospectus carefully and select a portfolio which makes you comfortable or you can also consult an expert like Bradley Ferry. Every person have different goals and plans. If you are in you 50’s, you can invest fixed income in Cash deposits, bonds, real estate. These can generate good annual interest.

Investors with long term financial goals can go with cap stocks, index funds and mutual funds.

All you need to do is pick a right investment option for yourself.


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